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What can we do for you

Our technology consulting services enable you to harness the power of software and systems in rapid execution and efficient sustainment of your mission strategy. Our management consulting services help you assess opportunities, analyze alternatives, develop a realistic execution plan, and orchestrate successful outcomes.    

System Architecture & Design

We architect applications that are secure, performant and modular. We design modules to be cohesive and loosely coupled. We configure and code solution blueprints that reduce quality risk and speed-up  delivery. We design operating environments that are scalable and fault tolerant. Finally, we document our designs to enable efficient maintenance and attain/retain Authority to Operate (ATO).

Project Management

We build plans that are realistic. We build teams that are focused, yet share a common vision of success. We organize and orchestrate tasks that deliver  the promised outcomes. SAFe, Scrum, PMBOK or EVM, as methods, are of consequence only when they deliver value.

Data Privacy & Security Automation

We pinpoint where, when and what type of your privacy sensitive (FERPA, PCI, PII, HIPAA etc.,) data is vulnerable. We scan across cloud or on-prem, static or streaming data in real time and execute your authorized remediations to uphold your organization's privacy posture -- 24x7x365 through innovative use of AI/ML and automation. 

Application Security

We build systems that allow known users to access authorized system resources and hold users accountable for their actions. We build security in, through Dev-Sec-Ops and not as an afterthought. We continuously test and document the efficacy of implemented controls for audit and assurance.

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